CEDiR Ceramiche cares for the environment surrounding us, for the quality of life and for the planet’s resources. It implements this by seeking ongoing improvement of its own production processes and product performance, because a company that calls itself modern must have as a sure objective the maximum attention to environmental performances in every phase of product life cycle. From finding raw materials to the quality of the workplace, right down to the packing materials used, everything is analysed and constantly optimised to safeguard, through employing the best available technologies, consumption of energy and material.

go green

EMISSION OF GAS IN THE ATMOSPHERE: the processes are devised in such a way as to reduce emissions to the minimum, in conformity with the severe environmental limits demanded by Italian legislation.

NO WASTE OF WATER: large quantities of water are needed for the production of ceramic tiles. The waste water deriving from the production cycle is reused 100%, resulting in a more than 50% reduction in the premise water requirements and reducing external discharge to zero.

ENERGY POLICY: more than 60% of the electricity consumed on the production premise is self-produced by cogeneration. Heat recovery and exploitation of the thermal energy resulting from the cogeneration process allows savings in the use of the natural gas necessary in preparing the mix. The technologies employed to ensure an integrated system of capture and recovery of heat from the atomizer exhaust gases permit a further reduction of 9% in the use of natural gas.

REUSE OF RAW DISCARDS: 100% of the raw discards deriving from the production process are reused in the mix preparation phase, thus reducing extraction of raw materials from quarries and making a considerable contribution to safeguarding natural resources.

USE OF RECYCLED MATERIAL: in observance of the quality that distinguishes us, CEDiR products are created using a percentage of recycled material equal to 17%. With view to always keeping end product quality high, fired discards deriving from internal works, which cannot be reinserted in the production cycle, are completely recycled externally.

SEPARATED COLLECTION OF NON-CERAMIC WASTE: the company operates a system of separate collection of all non-ceramic waste: 100% of this waste is recycled or is disposed of by authorised external companies.

PACKING: all packing materials used – from cardboard or plastic boxes to wooden pallets – are 100% recyclable. In particular, CEDiR uses debarked pallets (DB) conforming to standard IPPC/FAO ISPM 15, thus supplying importing countries, where required, with the guarantee that their forests are being safeguarded.